Bill Hogan - Artist - Doylestown Alive
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Bill Hogan

Bucks County, PA       215 428 2770       Website      

My painting is a process of discovery, an on going relationship between me and a blank canvas.
Max Beckmann wrote that he wanted to paint...'the idea that hides behind so called reality.’
I want to paint that hidden reality, I want to get to the center, the essence and truth as I see and feel, of the subject I'm painting.

What I see in my minds eye and what I see in reality are combined in a process of trial and error, subtraction and addition, pursuing plastically the image I have in my mind.

One painting is only a fragment of my life's history, an accumulation of many smaller magical ideas and events and experiences that ultimately express my inner most thoughts. With these figures, some allegorical, some mythological, and others ordinary, I am expressing exciting magical images.

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