Canine Cut-Ups Dog Paper Collage Art | Exton, Chester County, PA
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Canine Cut-Ups

Exton, PA

Patricia Peters has had a love affair with dogs since she learned to walk by pulling herself up on the family's patient Airedale. She later apprenticed with some of the top dog show handlers on the East Coast and learned to combine an artist's eye with good animal husbandry to create top winning show dogs in many breeds. She enhanced her knowledge of structure and anatomy working as a vet tech for more than 30 years.

She's been drawing, painting and sculpting dogs for decades. She has illustrated books, painted portraits and collaborated with dog clubs to create unique trophies. In recent years, a friend asked her to create patterns for her quilting projects. Patricia didn't sew, but enjoyed the challenges of this design concept. So she began adapting it to paper!

The artwork you see below are not prints. Every one is a unique design featuring 10-20+ individually hand-cut pieces of paper in a variety of colors and patterns and mounted on colored cardstock, each 6" x 7.5". Working from their written standard of perfection, all 185+ AKC breeds are available.

Canine Cut-Ups