History of Doylestown, Bucks County PA
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Doylestown History

The land that became Doylestown was originally inhabited by the Lenni-Lenape Indians and consisted of forested hills and a few paths. It was first owned by the Free Society of Traders in London, then sold in 1724 to Jeremiah Langhorne as part of a 2000 acre tract.

In the early 1730s, Edward Doyle and his sons lived in the area, and in 1745 William Doyle built a tavern so that travellers would have a place to rest on their journey along the rough roads. The village was first known as "William Doyle's Tavern", and later came to be called Doylestown. Doyle owned the land at the present intersection of State and Main Streets. This intersection actually marks the center of the borough and the heart of our lovely town.

These videos show Doylestown in 1954:

It's always great to see historic pictures of our town so we can get a glimpse from the eyes of our ancestors. We thank Rutherford's Camera Shop at 23 W. State St. for these wonderful photographs.

Historic Photos of Doylestown
These historic photos were provided by and are copyrighted by Rutherford's Camera Shop in Doylestown. All are available for purchase at Rutherford's Camera Shop at 23 West State Street


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Thanks to Rutherford's Camera Shop