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Phoenixville, PA

From Sarah Presogna, "I never intended to get into botany. It happened because I was a bit lazy my freshman year of college: by the time I got around to finding an on campus work study job, all the positions had been filled. They directed me across the street to the Carnegie Museum where I worked for the Botany Department for over two years in order to defray college costs. I started out in data entry, but quickly graduated to herbarium specimen mounting and repair. Since then I have worked at a number of different botanic gardens and arboreta, broadening my knowledge of plant ID and sharpening my mounting skills. When I moved to Philadelphia, I was fascinated with the new plants I found. I spent my first summer getting to know the weeds in my neighborhood as well as the mix of native and exotic wildflowers growing throughout Fairmount Park. To help me learn, I started to bring specimens home to press. It worked. It also drove my Craigslist roommates crazy as I had drying racks, presses, and papers with plants affixed in every available corner of the house. Eventually, I started framing them and giving them away to friends and family as gifts. A business was born. I love that every season I find a new plant or learn a new ID."