111 Collage Design | Original mixed media art by Abby Sernoff of Perkasie, PA Bucks County

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111 Collage Design

Perkasie, PA

After becoming seriously ill, Abby Sernoff had to leave her job as a speech pathologist. In 2006, she took a creativity class and discovered her love for collage art. She found herself selling her artwork in local stores, accepting commissions, and participating in a Juried art exhibit. Working primarily with paper, ink, and acrylic paint, Abby's collages showcase varied texture, pattern, and color. Her collages include papers collected from numerous sources and she prefers to use recycled materials as much as possible.

Abby's work is inspired by the natural world around us, especially birds. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the mythology and symbolism that birds and other creatures have conveyed over centuries. She strongly believes nature is always communicating with us, and tries to reflect in her artwork the beauty that surrounds us. Since Abby's journey as an artist has paralleled her journey healing from illness, she also wishes to convey a message of hope and optimism through her art.

111 Collage Design